Waterfalls & Mystery; Learning & Dysentery

  For the past few months, I have been on the Kapkwomboloi Construction Site in Kapchorwa district. It is one of the most gorgeous construction sites you could ever imagine. The site is set along a river that is hidden away by crescent shaped cliffs. Over the rim of the cliffs bursts Cheptui falls, sprayingContinue reading “Waterfalls & Mystery; Learning & Dysentery”

Connecting Uganda and Kenya: A story of a divided people coming together after conflict

I have recently been overwhelmed by migraines, but I was finally able to rejoin Sylvia so we could continue performing technical assessments and decide where to place our next eight cable bridges. While Sylvia laid out the center line and determined elevations and distances of points along the center line, I had the honor ofContinue reading “Connecting Uganda and Kenya: A story of a divided people coming together after conflict”

Building Bridges: My work with Bridges to Prosperity

I am working as a Bridge Corps Fellow for Bridges to Prosperity for the next 7 months. I spend my time hiking through the mountains to find gorgeous rivers, building bridges (figuratively and guess what? also literally), and watching monkeys break into the office.

When Tragedy Strikes… Fighting Stress Abroad: Gratitude, Friendship, & Art

I recently received a phone call and learned that a loved one had passed away. This is a breakdown of the steps I have taken to fight stress and sorrow while I am separated from my support group half way around the world.