Current & Recent Research Projects

Exploring the experiences of STEM graduate students with invisible dis/alibies (Phase 2)

This project aims to explore and describe the experiences of STEM graduate students with invisible dis/abilities*. Specifically, we hope to learn about these students’ experiences in their graduate academic environment regarding interpersonal interactions, culture, and policies.

The Construction Engineering Challenge: Inspiring Careers Through AI

The goal of this project is to expose middle school students (ages 10 – 14) to the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry and inspire their interest in the industry. We propose to create and pilot a hands-on activity to engage students in an age-appropriate Lego construction project. This activity would target building student interest through five educational objectives. These objectives include exposing students to a variety of roles in the industry, providing students with real-time feedback and instruction, actively engaging them in critical thinking and problem solving, introducing them to types of problems they might solve in the industry, and exposing them to the societal impacts they could make in the industry.

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